Travel Related Links

People tell me all the time "oh you're so lucky! I wish I could travel like you!" and it bothers me sometimes. You CAN travel. We live in a small world today and if you REALLY want to do something you can. So here are some helpful travel resources.

Teaching English:  This is the recruiter I used to come to Korea. You can teach all over the world through this recruiter and they have resources for getting your TEFL and other certifications as well. Getting a teaching job in Korea is NOT hard. I submitted my application end of June 2010 and arrived in Korea end of August 2010. This is just one recruiter. There are many, many more out there but do your research. Some cannot be trusted.  A teacher's forum specifically for Korea. You can share lesson plans, get info on living in Korea, etc.

Other travel opportunities:  "World Wide Opportunities in Organic Farming" You can volunteer on an organic farm virtually anywhere in the world for one week or more at a time. In exchange for your work you get free room and board. The purpose of this organization is not simply a free travel website but to learn and share information on organic farming and sustainable living. I worked on a farm in Costa Rica for two weeks. I met some wonderful people and learned that regular farming is not my future. ;)  I cannot even begin to recommend this site enough. You can stay with or host other open-minded travelers. Sign up today and meet amazing people and save yourself a lot of money (but the main focus in my opinion is not saving money but connecting the world in a positive way).  "Deutscher Akademischer Auschtausch Dienst"/ German Academic Exchange Service-- You can do internships in Germany, study in Germany, do research in Germany, study German... Useful for all things related to Germany.

Korea:  Amazing FREE resource for learning Korean. If you are in the Seoul area also check out Language Cast. It is group of language loving people from all over the world who meet to practice whatever language they are learning.  Helpful info on living in Korea and events and groups in Korea.

Travel:  Another site for cheap accommodations. Hostels are another great way to meet people. Because what is traveling without meeting wonderful people?