Sunday, July 31, 2011

Four Days!

This is what parts of Seoul looked
like last week. 
Four days until I am out of this never ending rain in Korea and in Palawan, Philippines and Bali, Indonesia. CANNOT wait!!!!! For those of you reading this as an update on my life I will probably be somewhat internetless from August 5th-22nd. Instead I will be enjoying the beach, scuba diving (hopefully), delicious food, hiking, swimming and running and simply being away from Korean children. My fellow cheap traveler and I have already made contact with some fabulous couchsurfers and booked ridiculously cheap accommodations! The countdown is on! Hooray! In three weeks hopefully my still white winter sun-starved skin will be golden brown (but in reality I will probably just be roasted).
Mt. Agung, Bali. Active volcano and tallest mountain on Bali. I will hopefully be climbing this. 
El Nido, Palawan Philippines. If it looks even half this beautiful Rachel will be very happy. 

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