Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm not a fan of job searching. It would be far more convenient if jobs would just find me. So I'm taking a temporary break from the daunting task of creating a life plan post November (so far in advance I'm planning!).
Life in Botswana is almost the polar opposite of life in Korea. For the time being this is a good thing. I will explain with pictures.
Work Environment:


This picture is technically South Africa--on our way to Tugela Falls.
 Enjoyed a picnic ALL BY OURSELVES!!!
Yeah this would never
fly in Korea or the US. 

Where's the traffic control?


My Neighborhood:

Why hello there donkey!
Love motel anyone?

This is a lie. There is
some traffic in Bots.
But this is my
everyday running traffic.
Running in this? No thanks!
Fact: In one month in Southern Africa you can eat
four times the avocados eaten in one year in
South Korea.

Quantity of Cheap, Ripe Avocados:

Korea: None.

Customer Service (no photo documentation here):

Korea: Give casual glance at items in store without even fully entering store. Clerk rushes to attend to you since your casual glance means you’re obviously very interested. Immediately several products are produced and flaunted before you. No matter that you would never even consider purchasing said products without being given the opportunity to discreetly glance at the price tag.

Botswana: Enter store with the intent of purchasing specific item. Clerk acts as though you don’t exist. Enquire with the clerk where item might be located after spending much time attracting the “busy” clerk’s attention. Clerk acts as if you are inconveniencing him or her. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Do work at work? No way!

Conclusion: Both versions of “customer service” are equally annoying in my opinion. Let me mind my own business. If I have a question I’ll ask and then I expect you to help me without complaining.

Internet Speed:

Korea: Fastest in the world                                                                                                                                      

Botswana: No comment. I will now end the picture uploading because at the rate it’s going it’s testing my patience.

But before I close my comparisons, there are some startling similarities between Korea and Botswana.
1. Umbrellas are used in both places as shields from the sun (more necessary in Botswana in my opinion because the sun actually shines and radiates heat here).
2. Better enforced traffic laws and driver’s ed programs are needed in both countries. I think improvement of these two areas would reduce the number of accidents, automobile related injuries/deaths, and people who daily fear for their lives when venturing anywhere near a major road.
3. Lack of trash cans. Contrary to popular thought Korea is not like Japan and Singapore. It does not have spotless sidewalks. Its lack abundance of trash receptacles and concern of citizens to dispose of trash properly more closely resembles Botswana’s.

Beyond the many differences between the two countries, I'm loving life in Botswana and already dreading the impending cold weather upon my arrival in the northwest. Brother, why did you decide to get married just as winter is coming on in the States and summer is coming here? Stupid. ;)

Side note: Between crappy internet and an impossible time formatting this, this blog post took FOREVER!!!! Can anyone inform me on how to format more easily? I'm still not happy with how this turned out but I'm also sick of working on it. Why does blogger have to be this difficult? Going to try writing it in word first.

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  1. I love the donkey comment, hello donkey!
    Yeah, formatting in Blogger is no fun. You can't really copy paste from Word either bc it looks all funky.

    I'm glad you enjoying Bots! It looks really sunny, perfect for Rachel!