Friday, November 18, 2011

More observations from the USA

-PEDESTRIANS ACTUALLY HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY HERE!!!! What a novelty. Also people drive on the right side of the road. How confusing.

-I like Seattle. My main reason: the number of people running, biking and walking in all weather. Finally someplace where I fit in (although I don't enjoy exercising in crappy weather). Secondary reason: exorbitant numbers of independent coffee shops. Three: buses, and mass transit.

-America has good customer service. To all the other countries in the world: The customer IS ALWAYS right.

-I didn't miss malls at all. I was so excited to visit some of my familiar stores: Target, DSW, Gap (although there is Gap in Korea). Fail. Just walking into a mall tied my stomach in knots and I didn't even like anything that was in the stores. It's better if I don't shop at all and if necessary to go to fun boutique and thrift stores. The consumer culture of Korea and the US is disgusting to me.

-Why can't we list prices with the tax included? So irritating. I get the exact change all ready to go and then they add the stupid tax on. I don't want to know how much tax I'm paying.

-Chipotle isn't legit Mexican food but it's still pretty awesome.

-You can get any food you could possibly want in America.

-Why do I keep finding Koreans and hearing Korean everywhere I seem to go in this city? I'm not ready for this.

-Americans talk really loud. I don't actually want to hear your conversation. It's actually a blessing living somewhere where you can't understand 90% of what people are saying

-It is possible to live in a city and have green space and nice places to run. Probably not cramming millions of people in human storage units assists in this accomplishment.

-I have an interview with Samaritan's Purse for a program in Uganda on Tuesday!!!!! :) Life plan maybe??

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