Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spring? Summer? Or Winter?

Hello friends, stalkers, family and anyone else who might happen to be reading this blog. I am in fact alive just a bit busy. The past few months have passed by in a blur of report writing, exams, reading, traveling, hosting visitors, playing football, running... Instead of attempting to write a coherent post (since I have enough writing to do over the next few weeks) I'll give you the bulleted version with pictures.

I managed to survive 25 years of life. In Dutch Happy Birthday is "Gefeliciteerd" which directly translated means "congratulations". I find it an amusing view of making it to another year. Also in March I popped over to London for a quick weekend visit to my dear friend and old roommate Lindsey while she visited her sister who was studying abroad in England for a semester. London is a fabulous city full of delicious food, FREE museums, EXPENSIVE transport (and food), good shopping and lots of other things I did not have time to see. Fortunately, I will actually be back in the city for three weeks end of August (more on this later). Before London, I also ran the flatest half marathon of my life (lucky since my half marathon training was sub-par) and somehow managed to win a 60 euro gift card (way to go Den Haag Tenloop for having a student prize category).

I spent most of April locked inside a library writing and studying but once it was all over I popped over to a fairy tale like village in Germany to visit a friend then returned to the Netherlands just in time to join in the sea of orange clad partiers celebrating the last Queen's Day celebration in a long while. For those of you unfamiliar with Queen's Day, it's a Dutch holiday devoted to the queen only now we have a king in the Netherlands so "koninginnedag" will be Koning Dag next year.

After Queen's day, I took the advantage of having a visitor to experience quintessential Holland and go for a lovely 45 km cycle through tulip fields, along the sea, and through quaint Dutch villages. Then, I set off on a warm weather escape (since the weather in Holland seems to still be confused what season it is) to Greece with my precious Greek roommate. In spite of lost luggage, Greece was perfect. Being fed excessively, beaches in Crete, hospitality, ancient ruins, and most importantly SUNSHINE! 

And since May is almost over what is in store for the next few months? The next few weeks will be filled with studying, writing, and researching, then end of June I have the amazing opportunity to attend an all expenses paid for one week class in Trondheim Norway! My semester finally finishes July 1st, so after two hopefully somewhat relaxing weeks I am US bound to present a paper at a conference in Boston, then Michigan for a week to sell/throw away my old life there (in case you hadn't heard--the family is slowly moving to California over the next year), and finally Michigan to Munich beginning of August for the start of a summer program in climate change and entrepreneurship. I'll finish off the program in London for three weeks and then back to Delft to start a new semester. I feel confused and stressed just writing all this down so if you managed to figure out my plans by this incoherent paragraph, I'm extremely impressed. 

There are probably 10,000 English and grammar errors in this post but it's finished! 

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