Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blogging revisited

So after much thought and deliberation I am revisiting the blogging world. I have been opposed to blogging for a while because I think it is by nature selfish, and everyone and their mother seems to be starting a blog these days, but I have decided to return for three reasons:

1. I enjoy deleting e-mails so most of the mass e-mails that I've sending to friends and family about Korea will never be saved and I think eventually I will want to look back at my experiences here.

2. People keep asking to get added to my e-mail list (makes me feel good about myself I guess), which is kind of defeating the purpose of the list being close friends and family. So with a blog anyone and everyone can read updates (another reason why I don't like blogs).

3. I think writing on a blog where anyone on the internet can view my writing will hopefully motivate me to give more care to my writing, and grammar (although rereading my posts from Germany proves this was not the case--they are embarrassing!).

So here it is. My re-entrance to the blogging world. These posts will likely be less of just updates on my life in Korea, but rather more of my impressions of Korea (and wherever else I wander off to next). I think I will post some of my better mass e-mails (if I can still find them) on here as well to preserve them before I go on an e-mail deleting rampage.

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