Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life is easier when I don't read the news (thanks Korea!)

Dear Protesters around the world (including the US),

I would like to applaud you for your bravery in standing up for freedom and what you feel is right. Dictators around the world are shivering in their boots because of your boldness. Sitting safe and sound in my apartment in Korea it is difficult for me to imagine the courage it must take to protest and demand the rights that you deserve, when the very act of protesting risks your life. To the protesters in Wisconsin and any other American citizens who are confused or upset about some of the proposed budget cuts: 1. Please continue to fight for what you believe in. 2. Please BE INFORMED about these changes that are coming up. 3. Be thankful that unlike other parts of the world, as an American you have a RIGHT to peacefully protest without fear of being killed. I only wish that I didn't live in the little closed off bubble of Korea and could more thoroughly read about these important events and issues.



Note: The Incheon Office of Education (I think it was them anyway) instilled some program on all Incheon teachers' computers that tracks our internet usage and either blocks or significantly slows down any site that has many pictures or graphics. This means I often cannot read the news and even prior to this annoying little program many news sites were already censored by Korea. But, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. I can live my happy little life and not be depressed by the upsetting news around the world or be forced to sift through the different sides to a story and think for myself (because thinking is overrated). And this little program has revived the dying American in me. I am outraged that I don't have the freedom to access any information that I want (particularly when I have NOTHING better to do at school). So thank you Korea! You have made me a "happy" American!

Note #2: Tickets to the Philippines and Indonesia for this summer have been booked. Can't wait for the BEACH!!! Too bad I only have about 6 months to wait. Off to Japan this weekend to visit a friend from Valpo, Josh visiting the weekend after--too many exciting things for such a short period of time.

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